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Rick Rescorla
September 11th 2001, was one of the biggest terrorists attacks on the continental United States. Almost 3,000 people died during this day, between the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in New York City. On this tragic day, many people lost friends, family members, and co-workers, but if it wasn’t for Colonel Richard C. (Rick) Rescorla, many more people would have suffered.
Rick was Vice President of security in the largest company working in the south tower of the World Trade Center called Morgan Stanley in 1987. He was in charge of keeping 22 floors and about 3,000 people safe from any harm that could arise. As VP of security, he knew how easily something could go terribly wrong at any moment. He would ask his buddy Dan Hill, who was a counter terrorism expert prior to his retirement from the military. When they found that the parking garage was vulnerable to an attack at any moment, Rick started to practice emergency evacuation plans which were timed. He had a precise plan for each floor and executed each task accordingly.
In 1993, Rick’s prediction came true, when a truck bomb went off in a garage killing several people and injuring over a thousand others. But all of the people that were under his watch made it out safely. He was even the last one out of each building that day. His next prediction was a plane filled with explosives, but what came was even worse than he thought.
On September 11th 2001, two airline planes filled with passengers were hijacked by terrorists and flown into each of the towers. Even though there were…