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What are Compression Wraps?

A compression wraps is a compressive bandage that extends from below the knee to the top of the foot. Compression wraps are used to reduce the amount of swelling to promote healing.
These wraps come in two different forms
Single Layer- This is one layer of cotton and one layer of compression.
Multi-Layer-There are two different types:
2-Layer-This is a more flexible wrap that are for the more active patient. It consists of and comfort layer and a compression layer.
4-Layer-This wrap is thicker and is less flexible. It consists of a cotton layer, comfort layer, elastic compression layer, and a coban compression layer.

How do Compression Wraps work?

Compression wraps promote healing by forcing fluid out of the tissue back into the vascular system so that the body can rid the excess fluid. This reduces the amount of swelling and allows the wound to receive the oxygen necessary for healing.

Causes of Swelling

Swelling is caused by poor function of the veins and lymph system. This reduces the body’s ability to return blood and serum from the lower extremities to the heart.
Sodium overload is also a cause of swelling. Where salt goes, water follows. This means that when too much salt is ingested water tends to flow out of the veins and pools in the tissues.

Other Ways to Reduce Swelling

Stick to a 1500mg per day sodium intake.
Take cardiac medications as ordered, including diuretics (water pills.)
Elevate legs as much a possible.

How do I care for Compression Wraps at Home?

Wraps should stay dry and in place. If you are going to take a shower, cast…