What Is Limited Government Essay

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Sadrac Noel Sepulveda
Professor Smith
POSC 101
April 10, 2008
What is limited government? Do we have a limited government here in the US? Why or why not? Provide at least 2 examples. Please read "What is Limited Government" in the CONTENT area prior to posting. Limited government is when the intervention, intrusion, and involvement of the government in our daily lives as it pertains to constitutionally protected freedoms, liberties and economy is limited by law. Unfortunately, our current government is not a limited government, the reason I take this position is due to the fact that since the twentieth century we the people have steadily traded our freedoms for welfare, healthcare and safety. I learned early on in life that you don't get something for nothing, for example if you want money you trade your time for it, by becoming employed, starting a business, or providing some type of service. That said over the last century a paradigm shift began happening, we went from a society of self reliance to a society dependent on the government. The New Deal was the first catalyst for this change creating the first government dependent welfare state. The new deal was a huge mess in making, the governments intervention did little to nothing to fix the depression, what brought the US out of the depression was our entry into WWII. Social security is another government system/intervention that was sold to the people in dire straits as a way to supplement retirement; the current social security system is nothing more than governments run Ponzi scheme.
“CBO estimates. In the long run, the dedicated revenues will be insufficient to pay scheduled benefits.” (Congressional Budget Office)
The projected outlook is bleak at best; unfortunately we have allowed the Federal government to assume responsibilities that the founding fathers never intended for it to have, not to mention with the passage of the US Patriot act we have given the government even more control and have authorized the government to…