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Symbolism of the Ice Cave
In the Novel Imagining Argentina by Lawrence Thornton the ice cave is a real important symbol that helps the reader better understand the novel. The ice cave symbolises a barrier or prison in Carlos’s imagination between Carlos and his wife and daughter. The prison was created by the government for the rebels. Cecilia, Teresa and many other Argentineans are trapped inside.

Cecilia and Teresa are being held inside that ice cave by the generals, and Carlos is their hope. They are calling for help, but Carlos can’t help them. This is what the Generals want; for the people to lose hope. “Teresa was standing on a stage, or a platform. She did not appear distressed, only confused, as she looked at Cecilia, who was rigid and silent while the generals argued over who the belonged to. Then he turned and saw other people trapped behind the ice and though he heard them calling his name” p.127

Carlos has to free them, he uses the guitar as his “tool” to break down or melt the ice; to free the people. The guitar symbolises freedom. He plays the guitar hoping it will breaking through the ice cave and free the people, but he can’t find the right melody to play. The right melody that will break the ice and free the people is the people’s perseverance and hope. “He understood that he should play and immediately put his right foot on a rock and bent over his guitar, there was a melody he must compose. That was what the voices were asking for. He discovered chords that were strange and beautiful, but they could not resolve into melody and he played them louder as one of the general’s grabbed Teresa’s arm,…